Barnebey & Sutcliffe

835 North Cassady Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43219


A full range of activated carbon
solutions to meet all your air
purification challenges.

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Activated Carbon

Providing over 100 granular activated
carbon products and other media.

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Carbon Services

Your total service provider to
keep your treatment processes
performing their best.

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The Barnebey-Sutcliffe Division of Calgon Carbon Corporation provides "one stop shop" solutions to the air filtration markets.

With over 100 granular activated carbon products and other media, the Barnebey Sutcliffe Division of Calgon Carbon Corporation will provide a solution to any air filtration contaminant.

Pipe Inspectors

Our Value Proposition

Barnebey Sutcliffe®, a Division of Calgon Carbon Corporation, provides "one-stop shop" solutions to the containment and commercial HVAC markets with quick quotations and industry-leading delivery times.

We offer our agents and customers:

  • Unparalleled technical assistance in selection of the most cost-effective activated carbon for the application
  • Domestically manufactured carbon products and equipment
  • Custom and integrated equipment systems
  • Full range of onsite field services
  • Ecologically friendly spent carbon recycling

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