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AP4-60™ is a 4-mm diameter pellet-activated carbon designed for air and air and gas purification applications. The AP4-60™ pelletis primarily used where lower pressure drop is critical. Pellets are produced by high-temperature steam activation of coal. This produces a material with a high surface area allowing it to adsorb a wide range of organic compounds. Typical applications include ventilation and airconditioning systems, paint spray booths, and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) abatement. In most cases, the spent (used) AP4-60™ can be reactivated (recycled), ending your waste-generation liability.

AP4-60 Chart

Safety Message

Activated carbon preferentially removes oxygen from air. In closed or partially closed containers and vessels, oxygen depletion may reach hazardous levels. If workers are to enter a vessel containing carbon, appropriate sampling and work procedures for potentially low oxygen spaces should be followed, including all applicable Federal and State requirements.


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