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CENTAUR® HSV is a vapor phase, virgin granular activated carbon that has been manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores. CENTAUR® is preferred for removal of H2S (hydrogen sulfide), SO2 (sulphur dioxide), NOx (nitrogen oxide), PH3 (phosphine), and A5H3 (arsine). CENTAUR® is produced from bituminous coal using a patented process. Although it is not impregnated with metals or alkali, it displays the catalytic function of these materials but does not present an exothermic or disposal problem. In most cases, the spent (used) CENTAUR® can be regenerated, ending your waste-generation liability. Standard mesh size is 4x6, but custom sizes are available upon request.

Centaur Chart

Safety Message

Activated carbon preferentially removes oxygen from air. In closed or partially closed containers and vessels, oxygen depletion may reach hazardous levels. If workers are to enter a vessel containing carbon, appropriate sampling and work procedures for potentially low oxygen spaces should be followed, including all applicable Federal and State requirements.



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