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With over 100 granular activated carbon products and other media, the Barnebey Sutcliffe Division of Continental Carbon Group will provide a solution to any air filtration contaminant. This guide is intended to allow the user to quickly determine the preferred media choice for a wide variety of chemicals. Preferred is defined as providing the greatest amount of capacity and least expensive method of disposal.

Please note that the exact product to be selected for any application or chemical will depend upon the concentration of the chemicals, temperature, flow rate, humidity, and treatment objective. In this respect, the Barnebey Sutcliffe Division of Continental Carbon Group is uniquely qualified to provide theoretical modeling, laboratory testing, or pilot unit testing to select and demonstrate the best product to use in your indoor air purification application.

1) Granular Activated Carbon (spent material is recyclable)
2) Specialty Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon
(spent material is incinerable)
3) Potassium Permanganate (spent material must be sent to landfill)

Preferred Removal Media

For specific chemicals not listed here, please contact us at sales(at)


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