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100 Years of Activated Carbon and Filtration Equipment Experience



Barnebey Sutcliffe®, a Division of Continental Carbon Group, provides "one-stop shop" solutions to the containment and commercial HVAC markets with quick quotations and industry-leading delivery times.

We offer our agents and customers:
• Unparalleled technical assistance in selection of the most cost-effective activated carbon for the application
• Domestically manufactured carbon products and equipment
• Custom and integrated equipment systems
• Full range of onsite field services
• Ecologically friendly spent carbon recycling



History of
Barnebey Sutcliffe


Barnebey-Cheney Engineering Company forms in Ohio to supply activated carbons for commercial and industrial applications.


Old Carbon Salesman


Barnebey-Cheney Engineering develops solvent recovery systems based on activated carbon technology, resulting in the formation of the American Solvent Recovery Corporation.


U.S. military purchases impregnated activated carbon for use in World War II military gas masks, continuing to this day.


Carbon Apples


Barnebey-Cheney Engineering merges with the American Solvent Recovery Corporation to form Barnebey-Cheney.


Carbon History


Barnebey-Cheney develops special impregnated carbons along with containment housings for adsorption of radioactive iodine compounds for the nuclear power industry.


Filter Unit


Barnebey-Cheney establishes the market wherein custom reactivation of exhausted carbon is recycled from a customer and returned to the customer.




Barnebey-Cheney merges with Sutcliffe Speakman forming Barnebey & Sutcliffe Corporation.


Barnebey & Sutcliffe partners with American Commonwealth Management Services (ACMS) to add food-grade custom reactivation.


Filter Panels


Barnebey & Sutcliffe purchases Sorbtech and establishes a significant relationship with Haycarb, Ltd., the world's leading manufacturer of coconut shell-based activated carbon.




Barnebey & Sutcliffe is acquired by Calgon Carbon Corporation, an international provider of air and water purification solutions. Barnebey Sutcliffe, a Division of Calgon Carbon, is formed.


Carbon Filters


Barnebey & Sutcliffe is acquired by Continental Carbon Group.



Barnebey Sutcliffe, a Division of Continental Carbon Group (CCG) provides "one-stop shop" solutions to the containment and commercial HVAC markets with the widest line of domestically manufactured carbon products and equipment, technical support, highly respected field services, and ecologically friendly spent carbon recycling. Barnebey Sutcliffe combines a high level of technical expertise and flexible engineering to meet customer requirements. With quick quotations, industry-leading delivery times, and customizable integrated systems we have been able to promptly earn the business needed to remain a foremost supplier of containment and HVAC solutions.

Carbon Warehouse

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