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Ventsorb Range

Economical and compact, the VENTSORB® series of drum activated carbon adsorbers is ideal for low-flow (less than 500 cfm) air purification applications at industrial, laboratory, and manufacturing facilities. Chemical, petrochemical, food, pulp and paper, and many other industrial plants are frequent users of the VENTSORB® for continuous treatment of vented emissions. Here are a few examples of user applications for control of small volume organic contaminant and/or odorous gas emissions:
• Laboratory hood exhausts
• Storage tank vents
• Reactor vents
• Paint booths
• Solvent sheds
• Indoor assembly rooms
• Landfills
• Air-stripper off-gases

Ventsorb Drum

VENTSORB® Drum Adsorbers

VENTSORB® canisters contain all the elements found in a full-scale adsorption system vessel: activated carbon, inlet connection and distributor, and an outlet connection for the purified air stream. Air is distributed across the carbon bed with a corrosion-resistant plastic septum. An active ventilation system with the canister mounted on a simple skid and an inlet fan provides the highest degree of user-friendly operation.

Benefits and Special Features

• Available in steel or plastic (see table on next page).
• Larger size VENTSORB® 500 is available for higher flows.
• Available with a fan and skid for a complete adsorption system.
• Effective treatment that removes a variety of vapor-phase organic contaminants and odor-causing compounds.
• Supplied with the type of activated carbon selected specifically for the application.
• Continuous treatment at varying flow rates and concentrations.
• Simple installation and operation.
• Flexibility, can be installed in series or multiple units in parallel.
• Practical disposal option as pre-approved spent carbon canisters may be returned to Barnebey Sutcliffe for safe carbon reactivation.
• Low cost per unit makes carbon treatment economical.


Ventsorb Pressure Drop Curve

Ventsorb Specifications Chart

Safety Message

Activated carbon preferentially removes oxygen from air. In closed or partially closed containers and vessels, oxygen depletion may reach hazardous levels. If workers are to enter a vessel containing carbon, appropriate sampling and work procedures for potentially low oxygen spaces should be followed, including all applicable Federal and State requirements.


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